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After 22 years Body Mind College closed its doors on December 31, 2010. The owners, teachers and staff wish all who visit this site the very best in health and happiness. May your journey through the massage and bodywork world be enlightening and full of growth.

As of July 1, 2011
IPSB has become the official
Custodian of Records
For all BMC transcripts, diplomas and records
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(International Professional School of Bodywork)
9025 Balboa Avenue, Suite 130
San Diego, CA 92123
Extension 314

Those wishing to contact the caretakers of the BMC legacy can use the following info:

Body Mind College
PO Box 710924
San Diego, CA 92171-0924
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Founded in 1988 by Dr. Barry Green, Body Mind College is the first massage school of its kind, and has created a training program unlike anything available today. Take a moment to imagine a massage school where learning isn't limited to your mind, it is expanded to your experience; a place where learning means to embody and experience knowledge on all levels; a place where you are nurtured and supported to grow and learn and are surrounded by a community of like minded people; a place where you can feel heard; a place where you can find inspiration. This is what we offer to our students at Body Mind College. We'd love the opportunity to share this with you.

At Body Mind College you will learn skills rather than techniques. You will learn to heal rather than "Fix". Our program is uniquely designed to be truly holistic and integrative. The Body Mind College curriculum has taken pioneering jumps in medicine and healing, combining the ancient knowledge of the East with the incredible technologies of the West. At Body Mind College you learn to facilitate processes of body, mind, and emotion in a way that looks at each person individually, creating a true holistic therapy. Our training empowers each student to experience their own healing process in a supportive, nurturing environment, allowing them to truly become Healers, Healed Thyself.

Body Mind College is an opportunity to experience a long term, personal and professional integrated training/growth program in a personalized, high attention, limited enrollment class. Body Mind College is also an opportunity to work with some of the most experienced, educated, trained, and effective holistic and massage teachers in the country.


A common approach at most massage schools is to teach a significant amount of information with the idea that if students memorize enough information they will be successful. The drawback to this approach is that no matter how much a person can memorize it will not guarantee their ability to apply the information appropriately when needed. At Body Mind College the emphasis of our curriculum is to train you in a way that you will experience, embody and attain the principles you are learning. For example, this means that you will not only learn about functional posture, but you will address your own postural imbalances through exercises, massage and personal assignments that are given. Not only will you learn emotional release methods, you will also experience many releases so that you can (through your own personal experience) empathize, connect and offer genuine compassion to your clients.

HEALER, HEAL THYSELF - You can't give what you haven't got

"Healer, Heal Thyself" is the ancient statement of how to become a holistic/massage professional. Our training's are designed so that you can experientially attain what you need. At Body Mind College you are given consistent drills to embody and attain the essential skills to facilitate a healing process. In the fields of massage and holistics, clients often encounter intense and often cathartic release and change during sessions and need multiple levels of support. These are the "golden opportunities" for healing and need to be dealt with in the moment, as they may not arise again. Your own healing experience throughout our holistic/massage programs empowers you with the embodiment necessary to facilitate supportive healing for others with all levels of the body, mind and emotion.


Body Mind College is a unique massage school in that we emphasize principles before technique. We believe that a student should understand what the underlying principles are that make a given holistic or massage technique achieve its goal. This enables them to be more adaptive and responsive to the needs of the client. For example, the anatomy classes at Body Mind College teach the student to truly understand the body. It is lifeless to just know the name, location and function of a muscle, and doesn't offer the student an understanding of the whole body system. We teach students the organization of the body and how it moves as well as the causes of imbalances and dysfunctions. We then teach the body-mind connections, so that the mental and emotional state of the client may also be addressed, which are most commonly the root causes of imbalance and dysfunction in the body.


Our classes are limited in size to allow each student individual attention. Classroom instruction is broken down into small, concrete and monitored sequences, taught with the latest training and educational methods. Our classes provide you with hands-on experience under the guidance of instructors who give you objective feedback regarding your development and progress.


Community is a natural evolution of vulnerability and intimacy as the groups share powerful experiences of transformation and healing in and out of class. It is a wonderful combination of warm, loving, sweet, fun, cleansing, revealing, sometimes scary, and playful dynamics. It is about being whole in all ways possible and sharing that wholeness with those around you in a healthy, healing and fun way. The environment here at Body Mind College fosters and supports a strong community environment. Students show up early and stay late just to socialize with other students. Many of our classes also have potluck parties to celebrate every ones graduation.

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